Elevating Those Around Us

We collaborate with Uprising to help raise money for children with Rare Diseases and cancer. We aim to make an impact in many people's lives.

Every single climb raises funds for CHOC and Rare Diseases. We would love to encourage you to donate to these two organisations directly by clicking on the icons below.

Founded by Sibusisu Vilane, Nicole Capper and William Butler, Uprising is an NPO that supports those with rare diseases by using their mobility to do what other can't. By going on trekking adventures and helping people overcome their own battles, they raise funds for organisations such as Rare Diseases South Africa and CHOC.

"We climb to honour the bravery of children with dread diseases and their families who face their daily challenges with a smile. ‚ÄčNicole, Will and Sibusiso lead teams of adventurers on epic climbs, to raise funds and awareness for charities supporting children with Rare Diseases, and to transform the lives of the trekkers themselves. "

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